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First, a number of brief background sections present an summary of Albanian migration in Greece, particularly focusing on the migration of Albanian women and the gender roles that structure household life in Albania. The literature evaluation also highlights the impact that the worldwide financial crisis has had on Greece’s labor market, and the problem of home violence in immigrant communities. Then the methodology of the 2 fieldwork studies in Athens, Greece is presented. The two studies, conducted in 2009 and 2013, weren’t explicitly involved with Albanian immigrant women. However, given the concentration of Albanian migrants in Athens and the magnitude of the interpersonal violence drawback in immigrant communities, the interviews yielded a lot info on the topic.

Themes that emerged from the info have been counted as themes if no less than half of the informants within respective groups (social staff or legal professionals/prosecutors) raised the difficulty. Scholars have differentiated between familial patriarchy—male dominance in home settings, and social patriarchy—male control on the societal degree . As the research revealed, for Albanian immigrant women both types of patriarchy stay a problem. At the familial stage, their victimization is culturally determined since Albanian tradition dictates conventional differentiated gender roles with explicit or tacit approval of family violence. However, research has commented on how migration process has the potential to confront and rework gendered relations by altering “standing and energy within or exterior the family” . This is what occurred in some immigrant families where shifting to another nation contributed to the expansion of women’s expectations, elevation of their status and enlargement of their choices.

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Furthermore, some shelters that provide help for victims of IPV cannot accept undocumented immigrants due to threats of shedding authorities funding . The present research addresses some of these issues in relation to Albanian immigrant women in Greece, which has been a significant migration vacation spot nation for the reason that early Nineteen Nineties. Over half one million Albanians at present reside in Greece , with about forty% of them women. The downside of IPV in Albanian immigrant communities is critical and reveals no indication of abating. However, the difficulty of violence towards immigrant women has acquired comparatively little scholarly attention. For the 2013 research, prosecutors of the First Instance Court2 in Athens and Piraeus had been contacted with the cooperation of governmental organizations offering social service to battered women. Fifteen interviews were with public prosecutors on the courts of first occasion .

Therefore, extra specific themes emerged within broad thematic classes. For example, the theme of “patriarchy” included coding for the dominance of a father/husband over a family, sanctity of the family establishment in Greek society, and comments on women occupying lower social status than men. In addition, a second reader (the researcher’s Greek colleague) independently analyzed the transcripts to be able to set up the patterns and themes within the transcripts. Following grounded principle techniques , three themes emerged from the information.

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One may doubt whether concurrently working a number of tough jobs with meager pay could be interpreted as a pathway to a rise in autonomy and empowerment. It is also a source of stress for men, especially during times of unemployment” (, p. 129). Existing research agrees that the nature and patterns of Albanian migration have modified within the twenty first century . The proportion of unlawful immigration has decreased and adjusted to family migration instead of a male-led phenomenon . As male immigrants settled in Greece and obtained authorized standing, they had been able to convey their families over via the newly created family reunion insurance policies. According to data from the Ministry of Interior, the number of residence permits for spouses of Albanian legal residents increased from forty five,758 in 2004 to 69,266 in 2008.

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Police officers have the authority to protect victims, to legally apprehend or remove offenders, and to provoke the investigation of a crime. In order to search out justice, every sufferer of interpersonal violence must take care of the police and required authorized procedures. However, battered women, notably immigrant battered women, can be re-victimized by law enforcement officials. The majority of respondents in 2009 examine claimed that battered women in Greece usually couldn’t depend on police safety. Since the Greek society views home violence as a personal matter, law enforcement officials aren’t trained to respond appropriately and sufficiently, and infrequently reinforce the general patriarchal view of women position in household and the society as complete. The first research performed from September to November 2009 in Athens, Greece sought to discover whether or not gender performs a task in acquiring legal status via completely different migration insurance policies similar to regularization and household reunion.


Ultimately, women comprised about 40% of all Albanian immigrants . Vullnetari argues that it might be too simplistic to elucidate feminine Albanian migration solely via the lens of family reunion. The findings of this research confirmed that intimate companion violence against Albanian immigrant women remains a critical concern in Greece. Furthermore, there’s indication that the Greek financial crisis might have led to an increase in household violence, a backlash to the rising emancipation of immigrant women. However, this finding has to be interpreted with caution because it was revealed by Greek prosecutors and shelter providers and not by Albanian immigrant women themselves. Nevertheless, students of IPV have lengthy insisted that this form of violence shouldn’t be studied solely at the degree of particular person conduct, however somewhat ought to be approached from a political-financial perspective . Shelter suppliers, social staff, attorneys and prosecutors—staff at the frontlines of gender-based violence—are properly equipped to reveal how “tradition and structural inequalities form the ways in which gender-based mostly violence is outlined and approached” (, p. 8).

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A variety of research on gender roles have emerged in the migration literature. Overall, these research give attention to how societies assemble and reinforce roles for female and male immigrants and the way immigrant women reconcile the variations in their roles between the origin society and host country. For occasion, Baluja’s analysis found that the gender roles of Bangladeshi immigrants change considerably after migration . Immigrant households, on the one hand, stress traditional gender expectations similar to female childcare suppliers and male as family breadwinners. However, then again, these feminine immigrants train extra freedom of movement without males than do their counterparts in Bangladesh. Thus, in the receiving nation, immigrant women can probably alleviate some of the burdens related to their own culture’s traditional gender roles.

The paper concludes with a discussion of the findings and their implications. Scholars argue that undocumented or legally dependent feminine immigrants expertise IPV in different ways from that of residents and at much larger rates than in the basic populations . Similar to other battered women, female immigrants worry their batterers, but their anxiousness is exacerbated by their authorized and political vulnerability . For instance, some undocumented immigrant women are legally dependent on an abusive partner for access to social and well being companies.

Namely, the research uncovered how the migration standing of immigrant women affected their alternatives for seeking aid from IPV. In addition, the examine targeted on the ways in which the authorized system could albanian mail order bride be mobilized for helping immigrant battered women and provide assistance and security. Migrant women’s vulnerability to IPV can be seen through the lens of gender and constructed gender roles that exist in the host nation and country of origin.

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